Music has been a part of the Hardy family since 1861 when my great-great-grandfather was a professional bandmaster, musician and composer in Dublin.


As a young boy I was always fascinated by the world of music and I remember when my father, who was also a musician, brought our family to a James Last concert. We all sat in the front row of the audience and I was totally spellbound by the musicians who were playing right in front of me on the stage.


The music that they performed created a level of happiness in the auditorium that I had never experienced before and I loved it!

Shortly after that concert I joined the Artane Band and I began to notice how our own performances brought so much happiness to audiences as we played for numerous events throughout the country.


In later years I also noticed how music created a very special atmosphere when I played for weddings, gala dinners, charity balls, corporate events, musical theatre productions, concerts, television, international music festivals and official state events.


While studying music in University College Dublin I was asked to give a lunchtime recital and it was then that I finally discovered for myself how to create and communicate happiness for people through music.

The Blue Clavons continue the long tradition of the Hardy family who have performed music for both social and formal occasions over the years. The greatest pleasure for any musician has to be the satisfaction of bringing happiness to people with their music and I hope to continue this wonderful service for many years to come!