From weddings to corporate events and from social occasions to all types of ceremonies, we enhance every occasion with our unique blend of music for all ages including Swing, Pop, Rock 'n' Roll, Latin-American, Irish, Classical, Motown and Soul music.

We have a wide variety of musicians, singers, instruments and musical sizes to choose from including:-

We have a wide range of musicians and sizes to choose from which include a variety of instruments and singers. 

For example:-

Solo Saxophone; 

Duet, Trio and Quartet ensemble;

5 piece, 6 piece and 7 piece band,

8 piece, 10 piece and 12 piece orchestra.

Our unique blend of music has been crafted and refined over many years to create a very special atmosphere for all occasions.

We perform the very best of popular songs and instrumental music that are suitable for all age groups including:-

We perform themost popular songs and instrumental music for all ages includng the very best of:



Rock 'n' Roll 

Latin American 





Music and Covid 19 Restrictions

Our solo sax player / vocalist performing with professional backing tracks is the ideal way to create a very special atmosphere both indoors and outdoors for your wedding, corporate, social or ceremony event

See "Choose Your Event" for more details.

Musical Combinations For Every Occasion

We also have a D.J. service so whatever you need, Dave Hardy Music can provide it!

Every Successful Occasion Has One Thing In Common - Great Music!

From weddings to corporate events and from social events to ceremonies, we deliver musical excellence for every occasion!

Let us take care of your music - it's what we do!

If you would like to discuss your plans further or if you would like some suggestions please feel free to contact us at your convenience and we would be delighted to share our wealth of musical experience and knowledge with you.

How Can We Help You?

Choose any of the options below to discover how we can provide the very best musical combination for your occasion.

Wedding Reception

We have small, medium and large band sizes for your Wedding Reception with the added option of a D.J. service.

Wedding Ceremony

We provide beautiful music to create a very special atmosphere for your wedding ceremony. 

Drinks Reception 

We provide gentle music for you and your guests to talk and mingle before dinner.

Dinner Music

We create a warm atmosphere for you and your guests to talk during your dinner.

Corporate Event

We provide music for all types of Corporate events.

Social Event

We perform for all kinds of social events including birthdays, family celebrations, sports club occasions and fundraising events.

Musicians & Sizes

We have a wide variety of musicians and sizes ranging from a solo saxophone with backing tracks all the way up to a 12 piece orchestra!

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About Us

The Hardy family have been spreading the joy of music since 1861.